The Best Workplace NOW™

Our areas of expertise can help you implement strategies such as:

Health and Wellness Strategies Workforce and Workplace Strategies
Most people tell us they know what they should do but they find it difficult to actually do it consistently. Their old habits get in the way; they lack the time to build new ones.
Our programs are designed with busy professionals in mind.
We teach the latest thinking on health and wellness and then we show you how to harness the power of your mind to ingrain new, healthy habits.
The first step to building a strong, cohesive and effective team is for people to understand themselves and each other. Thoughts and behavior are driven by a personality type each of us is born with. Understanding the 16 types is enlightening. It allows people to recognize why other people act the way they do. This reduces the number of misunderstandings and returns the focus from petty disagreements to the work at hand.
Smoking Cessation Getting Along with all Types of People
Weight Loss Team building
Stress Reduction Conflict Resolution
Speaking Confidently in Public Improving Employee Engagement
Anger Management World Class Innovation
Overcoming PTSD Change Management
Improving fitness Leadership Development

Choose the Right Program for You

Employee Weight Loss NOW™ Employee Stop Smoking NOW™ Employee Stress Less NOW™
One and one half days designed to change the way people look at food forever! We teach people about the science of the mind and body connection and use group hypnosis to help them live healthier, happier lives. Stop smoking with our one-day seminar. That's right, most of our clients do. And they even do it without gaining weight! Stress is one of the biggest factors in employee illness, injury and dissatisfaction. And it is contagious. We can help you build an environment where people manage stress and are more productive and satisfied.
Employee Get Fit NOW™ The Best Leader NOW™ The Best Team NOW™
A one-day seminar designed to increase the fitness of people who may or may not need to lose weight. Put your fitness program into high gear; blast through the barriers that are holding you back from walking or working out. Understand how your employees are hard-wired so you know how best to help them become successful. Once you learn to recognize the types of personalities, you will begin to understand why your people think and behave as they do. When you can work with their natural strengths, they will be more productive and less stressed and so will you! Most of us spend more time at work than we do at home. We can choose our friends but we usually can't choose our co-workers. When the workplace is stressful because people seem to irritate each other, the MBTI is one of the best ways for improving interpersonal communication and relieving workplace stress. The result is a healthier, happier, and more productive environment for everyone.

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