Sleep Better NOW™

Improve Your Sleep and improve the quality of your life!

Poor sleep is an epidemic problem in this country. We see clients who have had sleep issues for years — affecting their quality of life and denying them the opportunity of performing up to their potential. In some cases, a lack of sleep becomes debilitating and it’s victims have trouble doing even simple tasks.

Many of the people we see have tried everything to no avail.

What is the root cause of most sleep problems? Many times people just can’t shut down their thinking so they can fall asleep. Or they wake up in the middle of the night thinking about problems in their life or plans for the next day.

By learning how to relax your mind you can restore your body’s natural ability to fall asleep easily and to stay asleep throughout the night. The result: you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go!


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Choose the Right Program for You

Sleep Better NOW™ Sleep Better NOW™ Advanced Weight Loss NOW™ Jumpstart
Two sessions designed to help you change your relationship with sleep forever! Most people see immediate results after the very first session. This is where everyone starts. Some people find it is all they need to get back to sleep. Many people understand there are emotional issues underlying their inability to sleep. The Sleep Better Now™ program will identify any of these issues and our Advanced Program is designed to eliminate the root causes. Clients completing this program often say they feel less stressed and more in control of their emotions and their life. Normally 2-3 sessions after Sleep Better Now™, if needed. Two sessions designed to change your relationship with food forever! You will see immediate results after the very first session. A week later we will adjust and reinforce so you are in total control. This is where everyone starts. Many people find it is all they need to get on their weight loss path.
  Stop Smoking NOW™  
  Stop smoking after only one session. That's right, most of our clients do! Just in case you have any difficulties, we offer you a free second session within 6 months.  

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