Overcoming Fear NOW™

Release your fears and gain control of your life!

In January 2009 The Boston Globe reported The Top Ten Fears in the US:

1. Public speaking 6. Tunnels and Bridges
2. Snakes 7. Crowds
3. Confined spaces 8. Public transportation (especially airplanes)
4. Heights 9. Storms
5. Spiders 10. Water (as in swimming and drowning)

If your fear is keeping you from enjoying your life or accomplishing the things you want to accomplish then hypnosis can help you let go of fear and move forward. From slight fears to extreme fears, hypnosis can help you gain confidence and live your life fully. Don’t let your fears control what you are able to do. Let us help you gain control of your fear and your life. Even clients who’ve had increasing stress from their fear for many years usually get complete and lasting relief.


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Choose the Right Program for You

Overcome Fear NOW™ Overcome Trauma NOW™ Confident Speaking NOW™
Two sessions designed to help you eliminate any debilitating fear. Many people find this is all they need to start living the life they desire. When fear is based upon either a hidden or known emotional trauma, this program is designed to uncover and neutralize it. The Overcoming Fear NOW™ program will identify any of these issues and this program is designed to eliminate the root causes. Clients completing this program often say they feel less stressed and more in control of their emotions and their life. Normally 2-3 sessions after Overcoming Fear NOW™, if needed. Two sessions designed to help you speak publicly anywhere without fear. When you need or want to give a speech or presentation at work, school, church or a social club this is the program for you.
  Overcoming Test Anxiety NOW™  
  Two sessions designed to teach you how to relax and get mentally focused so you can perform at your best. When you take any test you will confidently and calmly be able to recall all the information you have learned. This program also helps with your study habits and retention of information.  

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