Diabetes Management NOW™

How Does Hypnosis Help Me Control my Diabetes?

Hypnosis can help you control your diabetes in 3 important ways: We can help you:

1. Follow your doctor’s dietary instructions
2. Make the lifestyle changes your doctor wants you to make for your health
3. Reduce your stress – including the stress involved with having and managing diabetes

Hypnosis is a proven method for helping people change bad habits into good ones. These bad habits may include eating when you are not really hungry, giving in to cravings for certain foods, not exercising or not taking your medications regularly. We will talk with you about what you are doing that you don’t want to be doing and what you are not doing that you do want to be doing. Then we will tailor a hypnosis session to help you make healthy changes in your behavior. The changes will take place immediately! After hypnosis, you will be amazed at how easy it is to manage your diabetes and to get yourself on the path to health.

And hypnosis is a powerful stress reduction technique. We will teach you how your mind and body work and a method you can use to instantly reduce stress anytime you want.

Physical and mental STRESS can send your blood sugar out of control.


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Choose the Right Program for You

Diabetes Management NOW™ Weight Loss NOW™ Advanced Weight Loss NOW™ Booster
Two sessions designed to put you in control of every aspect of your diabetes management. You will see immediate results after the very first session. A week later we will adjust and reinforce so you are in total control. This is where everyone starts. Many people find it is all they need to get on with life in control of their diabetes. Many people understand there are emotional issues underlying their eating. Our Advanced Program is designed to eliminate the root causes of over-eating. Clients completing this program often say they feel less stressed and more in control of their emotions, their eating and their life. Normally 2-3 additional sessions, if needed or desired. Some people like to come in periodically for in-person reinforcement. This is especially helpful for clients with more than 40 pounds to lose. They find this gives them added confidence along their weight loss journey. The Booster program is designed for your use whenever you want - one session at a time, anytime.
Weight Loss NOW™ Weekend Retreat   Stop Smoking NOW™
Immerse yourself in our powerful, positive methods for lasting weight loss. Learn about the latest, most practical science on food choices, exercise, positive thinking and self-hypnosis. Meet others who are committed to getting control of their eating and their lives, just like you are. For graduates only.   Stop smoking after only one session. That's right, most of our clients do! Just in case you have any difficulties, we offer you a free second session within 6 months.

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