The Best Me NOW®

A comprehensive system for turning your life around — permanently

Many people come in to lose weight or stop smoking and they find they get so much more.
The entire package shows you how to reduce stress, sleep better, eat healthy food, move your body and increase your physical and mental health.

We help you:
• Learn how to take back control of your emotions so you can be happy.
• Understand yourself and others and improve every relationship in your life.
• Heal emotional scars from the past
• Forgive
• Feel real gratitude for things and people in your life
• Believe in yourself
• Feel vibrant today and visualize a bright future

Weight Loss NOW™ Programs

Free from Stress NOW™ Programs

Weight Loss NOW™ Jumpstart Free from Stress NOW&#8482
Weight Loss NOW™ Advanced Free from Stress NOW&#8482 Advanced
Weight Loss NOW™ Reinforcement Free from Stress NOW&#8482 Reinforcement
Weight Loss NOW™ Booster Self Hypnosis NOW&#8482
Weight Loss NOW™ Weekend Retreat
Weight Loss NOW™ Bariatric Surgery

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Stop Smoking NOW™ Programs

Diabetes Management NOW™ Programs

Stop Smoking NOW™ Diabetes Management NOW™
Stop Stress Smoking NOW™ Weight Loss NOW™ Advanced
Stop Smoking NOW™ Reinforcement Weight Loss NOW™ Booster
Weight Loss NOW™ Weight Loss NOW™ Weekend Retreat
Stop Smoking NOW™

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Sleep Better NOW™ Programs

Healthy Relationships NOW™ Programs

Sleep Better NOW™ The Best Me NOW™ — Understand Yourself
Sleep Better NOW™ Advanced The Best Partnership NOW™
Weight Loss NOW™ Jumpstart The Best Parent NOW™
Stop Smoking NOW™ The Best Workplace NOW™

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Overcoming Fear NOW™ Programs

Pain Management NOW™ Programs

Overcome Fear NOW™ Free from Stress NOW™
Overcome Trauma NOW™ Free from Stress NOW™ Advanced
Confident Speaking NOW™ Less Pain NOW™
Overcoming Test Anxiety NOW™ Less Pain NOW™ Advanced
Self Hypnosis NOW™ for Pain

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Sports Improvement NOW™ Programs

The Best Workplace NOW™ Programs

The Best Golfer NOW™ Employee Weight Loss NOW™
Get Your Mind On Target NOW™ Employee Stop Smoking NOW™
Specialized Sports Programs Employee Stress Less NOW™
Healthy Lifestyle NOW™ Employee Get Fit NOW™
The Best Leader NOW™
The Best Team NOW™

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