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“All change takes place in the mind.
Permanent change must take place in both the
conscious and subconscious mind.
That’s where we excel.”

David S Prudhomme

“All change takes place in the mind. Permanent change must take place in both the conscious and subconscious mind. That’s where we excel.”

David S Prudhomme is founder and Director of Mederi Wellness LLC. He has developed an approach to wellness that is powerful, thought-provoking, and well-grounded in the latest research. Every day he helps people shift from where they are to where they want to be; mentally, physically and emotionally. Clients leave the office inspired and energized. Their lives change that very day as they take back control of their emotions and behavior.

He brings a unique approach to wellness borne of his life-long quest to understand the mind and body. His contribution is his ability to bring together the latest research from seemingly disparate sources. He expertly integrates the most current knowledge from the sciences of the conscious and subconscious mind, nutrition, philosophy, biology, anthropology, medicine, history and spirituality as well as physics and engineering.
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Ruth E Schneider

“Most people believe that change is difficult; and they get what they expect.
By integrating the power of the conscious and subconscious mind, we can make change suddenly within easy reach.”

Ruth E Schneider brings extensive experience in training, consulting, strategic planning and innovation to Mederi Wellness. She has a life-long dedication to helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals. Although her classes and her approach were always well received, progress was often slower than she liked. When Ruth met David Prudhomme, she saw an opportunity to help people actually achieve the dramatic changes they desired in their lives and in their organizations by applying new techniques which fully engage the power of the subconscious mind.

With over 25 years of experience as a manager, educator, and consultant she has a diverse combination of knowledge on motivation, personality types, problem solving, team work and interpersonal relationships. She has worked in the public sector and with many small businesses.
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David S Prudhomme

His background and experience are quite varied and this is a significant part of his unique approach. He excelled in these endeavors while adding to his databank of knowledge.

As a former investigative television reporter for ABC affiliate WAAY-TV, Huntsville, AL, he became an expert at uncovering facts, researching various viewpoints, and presenting them in an informative way.

His interest in health led him to medical sales. He chose to work in the fields of cancer and heart disease, because they were the top two causes of death in the US.

He learned the latest information about the heart as he worked in the operating room alongside some of the top cardiologists and electro-physiologists in the US and Canada to implant experimental pacemakers and defibrillators for numerous clinical trials. He was ranked in the top ten nationally in sales and managed 16 major accounts with over $3 million in sales per year while working for GUIDANT CORPORATION in San Francisco, CA.

David gained an understanding of cancer while working with pathologists demonstrating and selling the most advanced cancer detection equipment in the world. He became the number one sales representative for the west coast while serving as a National Account Manager, VENTANA MEDICAL SYSTEMS, Seattle, WA.

Using his broad understanding of science and human nature along with his ability to comprehend and combine diverse information allowed him to develop a successful system for selling medical lasers. He demonstrated his leadership as he willingly taught his colleagues how to increase their performance too. This resulted in an accelerated promotion to Manager ahead of all senior representatives. While at LASERSCOPE, San Francisco, CA he increased sales by 300% and led every member of his team to the Presidents Club.

David acted on national television shows and commercials and was a member of the Screen Actors’ Guild, Los Angeles, CA, where he learned to be comfortable whether in front of a camera or giving presentations to audiences of any size.

During Desert Storm he had a unique opportunity to observe how people behave under stress as well as honing his knowledge of leadership, service and physical and mental fitness. He was hand-picked to serve as an assistant to the Commander of all Marine aviation in the theater of operation and flew combat missions over Kuwait.

As a Marine Corps liaison officer to the Hollywood he learned how to organize facts and present them in an interesting way while providing technical advice, logistical support, and on-scene representation for motion pictures, entertainment television and documentaries featuring the Corps.

MA, Broadcast Journalism, First in class, Boston University, 1997
BS, Engineering, US Naval Academy, 1985
Elder High School, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1981

David S Prudhomme has studied the mind and body with experts all over the world. He is a Wellness Expert and Consultant, a certified MBTI® Practitioner, certified Stress Reduction Specialist, and a Master Practitioner of Neural Linguistic Programming. He is a certified Diabetes Motivational Coach, and Consulting Hypnotist. He is an expert on Brain Chemistry and its effects on human behavior. His studies include Life Coaching at the Center of Excellence, A Course in Miracles, Banyan Hypnosis Center, 5-Path® Hypnotherapist, 7th Path Self Hypnosis Instructor; Somatic Healing, New Delhi India.

Publications and Radio Appearances

  • From Stressed to Best series of over 50 publications available at www.Stressed toBest.com
  • The Best Me NOW™ series of radio interviews on WPCR radio, Port Clinton, OH available at www.mederiwellness.com.
  • The Beacon, September – February 2014, “Mederi Wellness is Reaching and Teaching The World from Port Clinton” at www.thebeacon.net/local-news/business/item/4496
  • David Prudhomme and Mederi Wellness featured in a front page story, Sandusky Register, October 2010
  • The Beacon, September – October 2010, Mederi Wellness Center new location Grand Opening
  • Mederi Wellness was featured in an article in the Port Clinton News Herald February 2009 
  • Articles, Port Clinton News Herald, 2008 – 2009
  • Article, Leisure Living, November 2008
  • Featured, December 2007, in the Sandusky Register’s “Business Profile” of the day

Presentations and Seminars

  • Keynote Speaker for the International Referral Network 2014 Kickoff Conference
  • From Stressed to Best™ Training Seminar at Proctor & Gamble Headquarters 2013
  • The Best Me Now®, various audiences
  • How to Get Along with All Types of People for couples, families and corporate audiences
  • David Prudhomme was the featured guest on Magruder Hospital’s health and wellness television series ‘Time for Health’ on Time Warner Cable’s local channel
  • The Wheel of Well-Being, various audiences

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Ruth E Schneider

Ruth co-founded two successful small businesses and served as a volunteer business advisor to four others before joining Mederi Wellness LLC. She helped them with business planning, and creation of marketing materials. She served as the business manager for Home Inspection Consultants, Dayton, OH where she developed all automation, scheduling, reporting, and financial systems in addition to supervising all management operations.

Because of her reputation for helping individuals and organizations, she was asked to create and manage a new internal consulting office to provide strategic planning, teambuilding, executive coaching and motivational presentations to a three-star General and his staff at the Aeronautical Systems Center, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

Ruth personally created and delivered a number of popular classes and presentations for executives while serving as the Director of Education and Training, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. In this capacity she managed 135 people and a $6 million budget to meet all training needs for a workforce of 30,000 professionals and support staff. She also personally served as the Chair of the Visiting Committee overseeing an Information Technology training Grant at Sinclair Community College in Dayton.

Managed a series of projects to improve industrial operations, resulting in $250 million of documented savings while serving as the youngest manager ever promoted to her pay grade as Chief of Productivity Improvement, World-wide Aircraft Depot Maintenance, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.

Designed and oversaw the implementation of all HR changes identified while serving as the Human Resource Consultant, Quality Improvement Study Group, Headquarters Aircraft Depot Maintenance, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. This included restructuring over 3,000 jobs, development of training and worker certification programs as well as implementation negotiations with the labor union.

Gained experience in all aspects of federal human resource management, observing what worked and what didn’t work, while serving as a Human Resource Intern, Kelly AFB, TX. This began her career as a change agent.

Post Graduate work, Executive Coaching, College of Executive Coaching, Santa Barbara, CA, 1999
MS, Logistics and Organizational Science, Air Force Institute of Technology, 1989
BA, Experimental and Clinical Psychology, With High Honors, Eastern Illinois University, 1977
Rantoul Township High School, Rantoul, IL, 1975

Thousands of hours of training in psychology, strategic planning, HR and change management including: Certified to administer the Myers-Briggs® personality assessment; Certified Master Innovator, GoInnovate!, San Diego, CA; Executive Excellence Program, Carnegie-Mellon University; Personnel Management for Executives, Air University; Capitol Hill Workshop; Stress Reduction Specialist; Diabetes Motivational Coach; Brain Chemistry and its effects on human behavior; Banyan Hypnosis Center, 5-Path® Hypnotherapist, 7th Path Self Hypnosis Instructor; Consulting Hypnotist, National Guild of Hypnotists

“Successful transformation involves 5 steps”, SKYWRITER newspaper, 2003
“A Quality blueprint for Training Excellence” published in the book, “Productivity and Management Frontiers – III:, Institute of Industrial Engineers, 1991

Guest speaker and keynote speaker for numerous private and public groups including:
Institute of Industrial Engineers, Dayton chapter and International Productivity Forum, 1991
American Society of Home Inspectors, Ohio Chapter, 1993, 2000, 2001
World-wide Public Affairs Officer Conference, 2000
Air Force Materiel Command Top Issues Day, keynote dinner speaker, 2001
Federally Employed Women National training Conference, 2001

“SHIFT Happens!” given to 1000s at various venues
“Leading through the Shifts”, various venues
“Working with all Types of People”, various venues
“Putting strengths to work”, various venues

“My Success Path”, hundreds of employees at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
“Everyone GoInnovate!” various venues

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